About DermDetect

DermDetect ScreeningDermDetect provides a powerful service that revolutionizes the way skin cancer is diagnosed. A DermDetect Skin Cancer Screening combines the latest technologies to accurately image, analyze, store and review irregularities of the skin. We allow patients to take charge of their skin health and ultimately, detect skin cancer at its earliest stages which has been proven to improve outcomes.

Our Values

  • Our services always benefit patients, physicians, clinicians and healthcare providers
  • We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations at all times
  • We exhibit at all times the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior
  • We promote community value for all patients in the Digital Mole Tracking processes we provide
  • We foster goodwill among all stakeholders in all DermDetect development processes
  • We participate only in business and technology, looking not only now but into the future that will benefit all concerned
  • We seek excellence in all we do, as excellence is our only acceptable standard

DermDetect can save lives by empowering the patient to take charge of their own healthcare experience. Early detection of skin cancer will improve outcomes and reduce cost. Our service benefit the patient and the medical professional by improving access to the highest quality care. We use the highest resolution imaging technology and state-of-the-art image management and reporting tools to provide actionable information that is cloud based and accessible by the patient and the healthcare professional of their choice, anywhere in the world.

Our Technology

Total Body Photography (TBP)

TBP is a necessary and valuable tool for managing patients with moles and a history of skin cancer. The results become part of your medical record, and the images are examined for changes over time. Finally, the images are readily available for both the patient and medical professional without having to flip through a photo album or view a CD. Just sign in from any browser on any PC, iPhone, iPAD, or Android.

Sequential Digital Dermoscopy Imaging (SDDI)

TBF is only possible when you have high-resolution images of every mole or lesion to compare. A standard “Dermascope” provides a 10X magnification and most have no photographic option. DermDetect uses the most advanced camera available today with 15X all the way to 120X magnification power. Computer controlled LEDS precisely light the image inside the skin after a few drops of oil or saline to the area before direct contact for imaging. The image quality and reproducibility separates our service from any other.

  • Expert Dermatologist reviews and reports included with every DMT exam. A Dermatologist completes an additional four years of training and when it comes to the health of your skin, why would you settle for less than the opinion of an expert?
  • Advanced PACs Workstation enables the Expert Dermatologist to view, zoom, compare carefully, and color code each image. The secure medical record storage for five years allows comparison over time on repeat exams. Or, you can easily review your images from anywhere for your comparison in the privacy of your home.