Benefits Managers

If you’re an employer or corporate benefits manager, Advanced Skin Cancer Screenings can be a life saving part of your company wellness program as well as offering real cost benefits.

Best-in-class employers truly care about the well being of their employees and family. A recent poll – The 50 best places to work in 2018 – highlighted employers understanding that corporate culture and wellness also carries over to family culture and wellness keeping and retaining key employees.

The old ways, such as signing bonuses and incentives work less and less in today’s world. Are we going to see companies offering free annual bio-metric screening services to its employees to outdo its competitors in attractiveness as one German tech firm and Mountain Enterprises have proven?

The benefit back to corporate is a “no surprise” for the unnecessary burdensome health care expense relating to the treatment of “caught late” cancer or disease. These can be as high as seven figures, which in many cases can cripple a self-insured company or paralyze the employee with co-pays.

The sad fact is that one American dies every 52 minutes from melanoma.

DermDetect offers a very solid opportunity for your company to provide a substantial benefit for your people and their families.

Effectiveness of an Employee Skin Cancer Screening Program for Secondary Prevention

15-minute exams were performed on-site on 788 employees, which 661 lesions were found. Two were previously unknown melanomas, which if caught early have a 95% cure rate.

Aside from saving this self-funded company money it also probably also saved two employee lives.

  • Average employee age was 42.3 years old
  • 59% had no prior examination of their skin
  • 13 Basal Cell Carcinoma detected
  • 10 “other” skin tumors

Read the article here (August 11, 2016)

DermDetect offers these significant benefits to corporate sponsors who agree to participate in a research collaboration with the OSHU Knight Cancer Institute, Skin Cancer Free, and DermDetect.   The collaboration is under the direction of OHSU’s Sancy Leachman, M.D., Ph.D, chair of dermatology in the OHSU School of Medicine and director of the melanoma research program.

DermDetect’s highly trained Dermographers will perform Total Body Photography and Digital Dermoscopy Imaging on your employees while at the workplace. The images are then uploaded to the DermDetect DermCloud™ which facilitates the review and proprietary color coding protocol by an Expert Dermatologist. Your employee and their professional medical provider receive a signed report and unlimited access to the images via a secure log-in from any browser. This “baseline exam” can at the patient’s option become part of their medical record.

This is a small cost to treat skin cancer that is detected early versus the $1 million or more if the cancer is not treated. Early detection improves outcomes.

As one partner in Employee Bio-Metric screening, DermDetect has harnessed the power of our cloud technology, using the most “state-of-the-art” imaging technology to perform Advanced Skin Cancer Screening that is 100% non-invasive.

It is the only cancer that you can see….