Advanced Skin Cancer Screening

DermDetect ScreeningA DermDetect Advanced Skin Cancer Screening examination is easy, pain-free, and takes approximate 15-30 minutes.

The whole body screening can be performed at your point of care, place of employment, health club/spa, or our Mobile Testing Coach.   You and your DermDetect Dermographer technologist will be the only people involved, and your privacy is assured.

DermDetect Screening

What your DermDetect Skin Cancer Screening gives you:

  1. The precise location of every suspicious lesion will be tracked.
  2. Macro and micro imaging, using specialized technology, will be acquired for each suspicious spot on your body.  A special hand held Videodermoscopic camera that uses “Reflected Light Microscopy” with an array of computer controlled LED bulbs is placed directly on the skin, and ultra-high resolution images are captured and uploaded to a secure cloud based server.
  3. Each resulting image will be reviewed by an expert DermDetect Reviewing Dermatologist who is a specialist in skin cancer detection.  The Reviewing Dermatologist will use DermDetect’s proprietary Digital Mole Coding™ to electronically mark all images using a red (needs immediate attention), yellow (needs to be watched), or green (no action required at this time) circle.
  4. The Reviewing Dermatologist will prepare a signed report which will be delivered to you identifying all potential trouble areas.
  5. Your images and the report become part of your permanent medical record and are available via secure log-in by you, your doctor, dermatologist, or anyone you designate.

What happens after your screening:

  • Red designated lesions will need immediate medical attention from your medical professional, who will also have access to your screening results.
  • Yellow designated lesions will be re-examined at a suggested interval, at no charge, to see if they have changed and need further attention.
  • All images are stored for a minimum of 5 years from your latest screening.  You or your doctor can also save these images to a local computer system.

Get Your Personal ASCS Examination Now

DermDetect provides Advanced Skin Cancer Screenings throughout the United States.  Sessions are available to the general public and for employees of corporations who provide screenings as part of employee health fairs or benefit programs.

ASCS Examinations can be booked using our ASCS collaboration partner Skin Cancer Free’s website, where you can also see all locations where examinations are currently available.