Medical Professionals

If you are a physician or dermatologist, you can be a key part of our Advanced Skin Cancer Screening Collaboration.
Medical Professionals and Dematologists

  • Your practice can collaborate with OHSU, Skin Cancer Free, and DermDetect for the ASCS project.
  • You’ll be able to see the latest technology being used for Dermoscopic imaging and SDDI.
  • You’ll have the opportunity of using this new technology in your practice if you opt to do so.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to generate some passive income for your practice if you refer patients for our collaboration.
  • You’ll potentially have new patient referrals from the collaboration who require follow-up care.
ASCS Physicians and Dermatologists - Opportunties - DermDetect

Download PDF

Download this PDF which details this exciting collaboration and how you can play an important part.  Then contact us for all the important details.

We hope you’ll be interested in participating.